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Installing the Kanon patch under Linux

WARNING: This guide describes installing an outdated teaser patch and will not help you install the final Kanon translation patch. It is kept for historical reasons. You can find the current guide here.

(Note: All commands are examples. Depending on your linux distribution, you may need to adjust paths, commands, et cetera.)

  1. Make sure you have wine installed. (We will need it to run the Kanon English patch installer; not to play Kanon.)
    $ sudo apt-get install wine
  2. Copy the files from your Kanon Standard Edition or Kanon Standard Edition All Ages Version CD to your hard drive in a new folder. For example:
    $ cp -R /media/cdrom0/ ~/Kanon.eng
  3. The fine people at Non-directional Translations have created a teaser patch, with a full patch coming Real Soon Now. Download the installer from their website.
  4. Use wine to run the installer.
    $ wine ~/Desktop/KanonTeaser.exe
    You should see the first part of the installation wizard:
    The Kanon English Patch installation wizard
  5. Select the directory you copied the CD contents to:
    The Kanon English Patch installation wizard
  6. After finishing the installation, you will see the following dialog window:
    The Kanon English RealLive.exe Patcher
    You do not need to do anything with this window and can safely click exit. This file translates strings inside the RealLive.exe interpreter. You'll be using rlvm to play the patch, so just click Exit.
  7. You should be able to play the NDT patched Kanon by running:
    $ rlvm ~/Kanon.eng
    The Kanon English RealLive.exe Patcher