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Installing the Kanon patch under Linux

(Note: All commands are examples. Depending on your linux distribution, you may need to adjust paths, commands, et cetera.)

  1. Copy the files from your Kanon Standard Edition or Kanon Standard Edition All Ages Version CD to your hard drive in a new folder. For example:
    $ cp -R /media/cdrom0/ ~/Kanon.eng
  2. The fine people at Non-directional Translations have created their final patch that completely translates the game. Download Kanon.7z.
  3. Kanon.7z is meant to be unextracted on top of a normal Kanon Standard Edition install, but relies on a case-insensitive filesystem, such as NTFS. Grab a copy of my script,, which will correctly install the files under Linux.
  4. Unextract NDT's patch into a temporary directory that isn't your Kanon install.
    $ 7z x Kanon.7z
    If the above command fails, you may need to install 7-zip. You can install it on Ubuntu Linux by typing:
    $ sudo apt-get install p7zip-full
  5. Run the script:
    $ ./ </path/to/Patch Files/> ~/Kanon.eng