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What's rlvm?

rlvm is an open source implementation of the RealLive scripting engine for Linux and OSX. RealLive is a game engine used in Japan to write visual novels, a few of which I care about, and many that I do not. Currently, rlvm works with: Kanon Standard Edition, Air Standard Edition, CLANNAD, CLANNAD Full Voice Edition, the original version of Little Busters! and Planetarian, along with a few non-KEY games. rlvm can optionally use English patches to some games.

rlvmはRealLive互換環境です。 カノンもAIRもCLANNAD [Full Voice]もリトルバスターズ!もplanetarianもプリンセスブライドを遊べる。

rlvm is open sourced under the GNU General Public License version 3 (or later). I welcome contributions, bug fixes, etc. More details can be found on the contributing page.

Bitcoin donations welcome: 3Ee9s6BzmSZQK2yf4DU3p8vk1ttrsnFoQ2

Current release - rlvm 0.14 - Released 04 Oct 2014

Adds support for the US edition of planetarian and the Japanese all ages edition of Kud Wafter. Contains further attempts to make animations smoother.

I've also added a bitcoin donation widget to the main page. If you've found rlvm useful over the last eight years, consider making a donation in Bitcoin to 1AXqsVMXgpdjoDZF7995NXbVgGxVUKEDSc.